I have made this blog to share my experiences with my fibromyalgia, my battle with bipolar, life’s ups and downs and to share my thoughts and writing with you. I hope you will enjoy reading my poems and my self-composed song lyrics.(EVENTUALLY i might get the nerve to share) I look forward to reading your blogs, I DO  hope you will share your thoughts on mine, good or bad. just please don’t be too rude.

I am a a single mom to a beautiful 16 year old daughter, who by the way is an honor roll student most quarters for all her life, she is great at sports and very loving and caring, I am blessed to have her IN MY LIFE.

I am on disability DUE TO FM (Fibromyalgia)  and in the days I can move and focus, I love to garden, I do love the earth and will always protect it and live from it as best I can, I plant veggies and herbs, have chickens(which i spoil) lol. if I had space and money I would have much more. I adopted 2 dogs from the shelter, a pit-bull and a Aussie cattle, he loves herding the poor chickens.its comical though and he never harms them.

I enjoy writing in particular, mostly poetry, but I have recently picked up the guitar and started to write songs and music.(I love going to karaoke). I am also working on a book, which is about my life. in which some of it IS very interesting, and some not so, ill try to keep it more interesting. I am afraid someone might see this blog in which i dont want them too, because i do not want to hurt feelings, but here if i stay anonymous i can write my true feeling and no one will get hurt. its only the truth that will hurt, but i love those who it might hurt. and so it is not worth it, but worth for me to get my feeling out. i hope you understand?.

DO KNOW……..I am a loving person and on pain and mental free days I am one in which my friends think I am the most loving, caring thoughtful person. what they dont know is… when i am ill i do not “HEAR” my phone or ” GET MY MESSAGES AND TEXTS”. I DON’T WANNA BE THAT WAY.