OH THE WHYS?…. they get me EVERYDAY,(WHY?)I often feel bad for myself, I can’t help it. I felt alone for so long. and the one person who REALLY UNDERSTOOD ME,(my sister) has died a couple of years ago,(WHY?) FROM A BROKEN HEART, SO THEY SAY. BUT SHE WAS UNDERGOING TEST TO FIGURE OUT IF SHE HAD  M.S. or FIBRO. My mom and my daughter are supportive but I try to hide a lot from them.(WHY?) I don’t want to worry them so much.My ex of 23 years NEVER GOT IT, and always made like I was faking, “WHY”  in the world would I fake something so painful and debilitating?   I have since fell in love with a great man, who doesn’t fully understand, but tries so hard and researches the fibro for me:)WHY HE MUST REALLY LOVE ME. he  rubs me down everyday and makes me slow down(which is good) so nice haven support, I am lucky. and  ahh FIBRO FOG…..Is so bad in the morning because I am literally in a daze for a few hours, I cannot think AT ALL, I HATE IT, I AM GRUMPY AND SNAPPY(is this normal?) the cloud usually lifts after a few hours, but I am easily confused and memory is horrible, I thought it was not associated with fibro fog, but I see now it is fibro fog just at a different level. which I can deal with. as happy as I am, that I am not the only person feeling this way. it brings me to tears(literally) reading some of your blogs. I feel for you, and just know as I have learned we are not alone. “WHY?” BECAUSE NOW WE HAVE EACH OTHER.  PEACE