It has been now  over a week, since the incident I am about to discuss happened, It has bothered me till no tomorrow, i wish i was a fast typer so i could quickly bring you up to date, but to make a long story a little shorter I will begin with  this…..

My ex and I were together for 23 long years, great times, hard times, the usual,  i didn’t NEED for anything FINANCIALLY. emotionally and physically is a whole different story, but for now, the FINANCIAL part is all we need to mention to get my point across in all this drama. I  have been with my NEW  boyfriend now for 3 years, he has 2 yes TWO EX WIVES I NEED TO DEAL WITH, red flag right there right? ya well…… those 2 ex wives came 3 yes THREE CHILDREN, another RED FLAG, all boys. I have one daughter who is now 16, and independent and great in school, etc…anyhow……..I left my life of  ” HAVING LIFE BY THE BALLS, NOT NEEDING FOR ANYTHING, HAD BOATS(of every kind),SNOWMOBILES, DIRT BIKES HOT TUB, 2 MIN WALK TO PRIVATE BEACH, THE BEST NEIGHBORS AND BOUGHT ANYTHING I WANTED, ANYTIME, YOU GET THE PICTURE…….BUT…..HE has cheated on me more than once and I finally got fed up with it, after I found out he cheated on me with someone very dear. I found this out AFTER she had passed away. so all the broken pieces can never be full again… I let my guards down, and in doing so I met the most wonderful man, who treats me with so much love I never knew  possible… soon i was swept off my feet, falling in love on the walks leading to our picnics, chuckling, being silly, saying silly things, waiting to hear from him the next day….ahhhhh I AM GETTING carried away huh,? sorry I got lost in the moment. lol. But actually I hurt already from sitting here writing and i need to rest my body. for it is fit for SPASMS any minute, seeing i am coming slowly out of a bout of  Fibro, again i ramble, i need not to explain. i will say i guess i will call this ”SHORT STORY” chapter one..    TO BE CONTINUED……. GOOD NIGHT ALL, GOD BLESS AND PEACE.