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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I just wanna drop in and say hello to you all, and that I miss coming here, I have been so sick all summer with this fibro crap, that if I do feel good, the last thing I wanna be is on the computer, lol. and since it hurts to be here to long (don’t have a comply desk, not even a desk really) I havent bothered, however after trying acupuncture, which worked some for me, but haven to go 1x a week to keep up I cant afford to do this anymore, I am going to a pain care clinic soon. THANK GOD, have had 16 xrays done and waiting on more tests, it seems I could have nerve damage in my spinal column which is the pain that has left me crippled for days, anyhow long story short, we are still working on things to get to the root, besides the fibro there is something more wrong in my back:( a wheelchair has allowed me to go to the fair this week, thanks to my friends and mom pushing me all around…

I did just wanna stop in and let you know I am still alive, and give you a quick update, in case you were wondering. keep fighting and ill keep praying for you. GOD BLESS