FINALLY GOT TO THE PAIN CARE CLINIC, WHICH WAS GREAT AND MY NEW DOCTOR IS AMAZING……. SO I have knots in between ALL MY VERTEBRA’S 😦 and they are laying on my nerves, which HITS JUST ABOUT EVERY NERVE IN MY BODY, EXPLAINS A LOT HUH? I ALSO HAVE A FEW SPASMS IN MY HEAD which explains my constant headache and pinching of the nerves in my head too, my shoulder blade is off, and and there’s a mild widening of the AC joint with remote post traumatic changes(whatever that means lol, the PAIN in my right ribs have A lot to do with that and spasms, SHE will be testing for arthritis in my back, she seems to think i might have that too:( YUP IM A MESS, BUT THE GOOD NEWS AS OF NOW I DON’T NEED SURGERY,on the 7th i am getting 2 shots injected into the spasm’s my head, and 2 in my vertebrae, after that every 2 weeks i need to go and get 2 shots until she gets EVERY SPASM IN MY SPINE:( UGHHH , SHOTS IN MY HEAD WT F IM BUMMING, LOL , IN the meantime i will have some further tests, FINALLY SOMEONE TO FIGURE THINGS OUT, IVE BEEN  HURTEN FOR YEARS, I SURE HOPE WE MAKE PROGRESS, ID LOVE TO GET MY LIFE BACK. ILL STILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH FIBRO, BURSITIS TENDINITIS BUT IF MY SPINE AND BACK CAN GET ANY RELIEF I WILL FEEL BLESSED.I will keep you posted the best i can, I have good high hope for these proceedures, so I am anticipating feeling better soon,