NO FIBRO FOG🙂 WHAT A BLESSING. WHOOHOO. I do have A slight headache and I do have pain, but it is less in the head and neck that is usually is:)yes the rest of my spine is still the same but again we have a long way to go, I AM JUST HAPPY NOT TO WAKE UP IN TEARS TODAY:) so I WOULD SAY TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY, as long as i take another day off of any work. THANK YOU DR. DEFEO, I AM SO GLAD TO BE A PART OF THE PAIN CARE CLINIC.and I do hope we continue to make progress, I HAVE A LOT OF LIFE TO CATCH UP, I know its only the beginning but i am happy to think I have a chance to GET MY LIFE BACK, at least back enough to live just a little. FIBROMYALGIA I WILL KEEP FIGHTING YOU.