LOOK LIKE EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY:) ULCERATIVE COLITIS but is mild to moderate, his stroke symptoms are almost gone, it was so slight:) he wont be so lucky if there is a next time, but hopefully there wont be.Dad is feeling good today, even his damaged legs are holding him up:) YAY. only mission now is His meds,ASACOL. we are working on alternatives and a way to get it..400.00$ doctors r working on it too, and of course me getting home, had a plan for today but moved it up to tomorrow, for a couple of reasons, mainly wanna figure out his meds before mom leaves him for three hours to take me to Portsmouth, where ill be meeting one of my friends which ill grab a ride to Conway, and from Conway I have many  FRIENDS who will get me from there to bring me to maine:) LOL CONFUSED? HAHA I WAS TOO

AS FAR AS MY PAIN…….well slowly its coming back to a full throttle, I have to go another week before I can my shots, so I will probably suffer, but things could be worse, I could be suffering with worrying about dad cuz he was deathly ill, or worse. so I will count my blessings and deal with my pain.