Well, the shots I am still getting every couple weeks, I am not afraid of the injections anymore, in fact i greet them with open arms. NO I am not one who likes pain, however I greet them from the  temporary  pain relief they do give me. I was balanced in my medication program and all was working together nicely, until the morning I woke up looking like the elephant woman. lol. hives and welts every where, YES EVERYWHERE. it was obvious it was my new pain patches, after the dosage had gotten  high enough to work, my body decided ” YA I DON’T THINK SO, YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO, YOU CAN NOT HAVE A DAY OR A WEEK OF MINIMAL PAIN, I JUST WONT HAVE IT!. SO back to the beginning as far as pain management goes, i don’t look forward to the next few weeks. But still happy to be in the pain care clinic, seriously the best thing ever, and all you out there suffering from pain, take my advice and seek a pain care clinic near you, i do think you might need a referral. although I didn’t like learning of all my ailments that I wasn’t aware of, i am also relieved to know, IT WAS NOT ALL FIBROMYALGIA LIKE DOCTORS HAVE ALWAYS SAID. ITS MUCH MORE THAN THAT. BUT knowing what other issues underlie I am able to help  myself more, now that i have knowledge.