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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  It seems EVERYTHING in my life is getting worse again, from the pain to the bipolar and anger:(  I have felt so horrible for a few weeks and just when i thought it couldn’t get worse, IT DID. 

I have been accused by so-called good friends that i had cheated once on my boyfriend, with her brother. in which by the way her brother at the time one of my best friends. to make a long story short, the couple kept asking me and the brother if we had ever had sex together, we said no way, and he stated that i was the most faithful person he ever met, and believe me he’d know, we did spend a good amount of time together, i knew he wanted us to be a couple, but i was never interested in that way, not to mention i am MADLY IN LOVE WITH DWAYNE! THEY kept prying and asking and we all laughed about it because of their ongoing attempts to try to get us to say we did, they tried before to get me to go with B ( WELL CALL HIM B) and even then i  reassured them i was happy where i am. so anyhow, after the guys had the room and KRISTY the sister, implied that we can’t fool her, so we laughed and I said “ya we did but shh don’t say nuttin.and again we laughed, i thought she knew it was a fucking joke.

 WE, THE couple Dwayne and I HUNG OUT every Sunday night for three months,

THEY 3 MONTHS LATER TOLD MY BF I CHEATED ON HIM AND MADE A REAL MESS OF THINGS FOR A LITTLE BIT,  WE TALKED,  I THREW A  SHIT FIT AFTER ( i havent been doing good mentally as well as physically,) it brought me over the edge, I  THOUGHT I WOULD DIE LET have a nervous break down.

My BF believes me for more than me just saying it didn’t happen, so I am so lucky i didn’t loose him, in the moment he threw me out and wanted to end it, they would have won and that would have made the hypocrites that have it all wrong HAPPY, BUT INSTEAD THEY NOT ONLY LOST ME FOR A FRIEND THEY HAVE ALSO LOST DWAYNE, GUESS THEIR PLAN BACKFIRED, SUCKERS,

Its been over 2 weeks now, they are talking to their whole family and shit about me, i was VERY CLOSE TO THE MOM, and had friends that are the family, They tell me they believe nothing happened and as far as ROB N KRISTY they are ass holes,                  I am so annoyed by all this, I still think i should go in the hospital, i need to release some Anger, although things have been great with Dwayne and I, but i do know I need to work on somethings.  PEACE ALL