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Little Robin fell from the tree, mom and dad I didn’t see, was just trying to fix her up, i shouldn’t have tried to pick her up, all the noise they did make, oh boy a BIG MISTAKE, they flew angrily around my head pecking every chance  that they got, I threw the box over my head and ran to the safety of my shed. was a while before they went away, poor baby bird had to stay. I just wanted to shelter here and keep her safe and warm, afraid she would not make it, my heart would be so torn. I love Gods creations and try to do whats right, I hope the little birdie makes it through the night.Image

she looks a lot bigger in this pic, which I actually took with my crappy cell phone, as you can see I was very close. again I wrote it into a poem, wasn’t suppose to be, the words that I need to write just come together perfectly. ha-ha    GOOD LUCK LITTLE ONE. and PEACE


Because She Drinks from Cups of Light.