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NOW into the night……

The long lasting Novocaine is totally gone, and I have triggered one of the bad spots in my shoulder-blade area by cleaning off and de-taching the greens off my garden beets:( I sat in my massage chair and again will be  on ice as soon as I post this, I sure hope its temporary, or maybe the pain is stemming from a different area of my back that hasn’t been targeted yet, the doctor did say it could take a couple days for the medicine to take full effect, on the bright side of things, I was able to sit at the computer a lot longer than before the shots:) so I will take that as a little blessing. cheers for now.



Fibromyalgia. here hold a lot of information for those  interested in learning a little about Fibromyalgia, whether it is you or a loved one who has it, sometimes a little understanding for either party can go along way, THANK YOU HALFWAYINBETWEENTHEGUTTER

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromya...

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. (See Wikipedia:Fibromyalgia#Signs and symptoms). Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams References Retrieved on April 19, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


HERE, I do not feel judged and I also find I  am  NOT ALONE. which is a comforting. obviously there are people who feel the way I do and have the same ailments, but they are not in plain sight, it’s not like you can see people on the inside, and we don’t go around and spill our guts out, I mean who wants to listen to someone complaining all the time. you understand what i am saying. anyhow I DO  want to THANK YOU  all for SHARING  your thoughts, your openness on so many things, happy, sad, hurtful, fun, hobbies, writings pictures and SO MUCH MORE, I ALSO WANT TO THANK YOU  for your interest and reading some of my blog.

FORGIVE MY UNORGANIZED POSTS, I haven’t a clue how to use this site, for I am learning as i go, i was never very good at the computer, and hope i am not judged by the way this all is presented. Not to mention I have had a bad case of  Fibro flair up and Fibro Fog for the past 2 weeks. it seems to take FOREVER to leave a comment or post one, because i cannot organize my thoughts. I’ll sit and stare at the screen for minutes at a time in a daze trying to figure out what i need to say or do. and now i feel as I’m rambling, simply because this is NOT what my post was suppose to be about. lol. i guess I’ll leave it at………FORGIVE ME?

Here it is another day, I wake up in pain and I pray,

please lord find me some relief, before I can’t stand on my own two feet.

groaning and moaning as I crawl outta bed.cant believe I wrote this with the Fibro fog in my head.

this started out as just a note, writing always helps me cope.

it makes me concentrate on my words, so hopefully the pain signals go unheard.



Yes every word is true, and was  wrote  literally in 3 min. sometimes i just can’t write without rhyming so i guess ill call this  another poem, lol. even though it started with wanting to send a little post on how i felt  today.








“why is it I cannot control my self these days?”

My head is spinning or I am in a daze.

I cannot figure what am I suppose to do?

Am I to stay or forever leave you?

Everything is a fight, so many things I cannot find,

What is going on in this head of mine?

About to snap and loose it, I am on the edge of life,

Because I do not know how to keep up on my fight.

God will you keep me safe, till I can hold my own head up high?

Although I often say it, I really don’t want to die.