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NOW into the night……

The long lasting Novocaine is totally gone, and I have triggered one of the bad spots in my shoulder-blade area by cleaning off and de-taching the greens off my garden beets:( I sat in my massage chair and again will be  on ice as soon as I post this, I sure hope its temporary, or maybe the pain is stemming from a different area of my back that hasn’t been targeted yet, the doctor did say it could take a couple days for the medicine to take full effect, on the bright side of things, I was able to sit at the computer a lot longer than before the shots:) so I will take that as a little blessing. cheers for now.



Fibromyalgia. here hold a lot of information for those  interested in learning a little about Fibromyalgia, whether it is you or a loved one who has it, sometimes a little understanding for either party can go along way, THANK YOU HALFWAYINBETWEENTHEGUTTER

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromya...

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. (See Wikipedia:Fibromyalgia#Signs and symptoms). Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams References Retrieved on April 19, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The morning after first shots.

                                I’ts the morning after, well afternoon. of my first round of shots. I woke up this morning and my head has already thawed out some,and I DIDN’T HAVE FIBRO FOG, I do have a very minor tightness in my head, but its better than most mornings, My spine was pretty sore, but i had no spasms in my upper back,( around my shoulder area) granted the soreness of my spine could be stemming from my thoracic or lumbar spine, since the nerves are still being pinched from other spasms not yet attacked. And its cold and snowing which leaves me to believe these injections have done something in my favor, The needles used were like that of a spinal tap  very uncomfortable and at times hurt bad.first she numbed the area of skin, injected a regular Novocaine in it, then proceeded to add 1 or 2 of these ingredients, 1.(Lidocain)long-lasting Novocaine ( Triancimbalone) which is a steroid. 3.(methofenadone) an inflammatory.  she entered the start spot pushed the needle through a muscle( that’s what hurt,was loads of pressure and sharp burning,my doctor kept telling the muscles…”come on let me in,” lol, I guess some were so tight she had a hard time puncturing  it. I’m not allowed a hot tub or heat long shower to hit the worked on areas, for it can counteract the medicines injected, strange, but doctors orders, and i don’t want to jeopardize anything, in 2 weeks i go for a few more shots, and so on… with that said, i will end the update, for it is still uncomfortable to sit here to long,


MY 1rst round of shots,

I KNOW THIS POST IS THE SAME DAY AS MY FIRST VISIT POST, I WAS JUST TRYING TO CATCH UP A LITTLE, AND TODAY I HAD MY 2ND APPOINTMENT AT THE PAIN CARE CLINIC,……………………………………..WELL its official, my first round of shots, a lot more to it than i thought, each shot consisted of 2 needles and 3 different injections, she also got 4 vertebrae on each side, so the shots took a while, my knots were tight and she had a hard time puncturing through them, my head is totally numb, due to LIDOCAIN injections on 2 different spots, it numbed my whole head, minus the forehead, for 2 days, this will relieve some pain for me while the the inflammatory and steroids kick in, I’m feeling tight and achy, BUTat the same time feeling light headed,  but all went good, lets hope in 2 days it will make a difference, if it does we will continue to the shots until every vertebrae is injected.  DID I MEANTION I DONT HAVE A HEADACHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS,( MOSTLY VERY MINOR) WHEN THE NOVACAIN WEARS OFF IN 2 DAYS ILL PROLLY HAVE ONE BUT AFTER THAT I SHOULD BE RID AT LEAST FOR A COUPLE WEEKS, MAYBE MONTHS:) YAY JUST SAYINGG..LOL

FINALLY GOT TO THE PAIN CARE CLINIC, WHICH WAS GREAT AND MY NEW DOCTOR IS AMAZING……. SO I have knots in between ALL MY VERTEBRA’S 😦 and they are laying on my nerves, which HITS JUST ABOUT EVERY NERVE IN MY BODY, EXPLAINS A LOT HUH? I ALSO HAVE A FEW SPASMS IN MY HEAD which explains my constant headache and pinching of the nerves in my head too, my shoulder blade is off, and and there’s a mild widening of the AC joint with remote post traumatic changes(whatever that means lol, the PAIN in my right ribs have A lot to do with that and spasms, SHE will be testing for arthritis in my back, she seems to think i might have that too:( YUP IM A MESS, BUT THE GOOD NEWS AS OF NOW I DON’T NEED SURGERY,on the 7th i am getting 2 shots injected into the spasm’s my head, and 2 in my vertebrae, after that every 2 weeks i need to go and get 2 shots until she gets EVERY SPASM IN MY SPINE:( UGHHH , SHOTS IN MY HEAD WT F IM BUMMING, LOL , IN the meantime i will have some further tests, FINALLY SOMEONE TO FIGURE THINGS OUT, IVE BEEN  HURTEN FOR YEARS, I SURE HOPE WE MAKE PROGRESS, ID LOVE TO GET MY LIFE BACK. ILL STILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH FIBRO, BURSITIS TENDINITIS BUT IF MY SPINE AND BACK CAN GET ANY RELIEF I WILL FEEL BLESSED.I will keep you posted the best i can, I have good high hope for these proceedures, so I am anticipating feeling better soon, 

I just wanna drop in and say hello to you all, and that I miss coming here, I have been so sick all summer with this fibro crap, that if I do feel good, the last thing I wanna be is on the computer, lol. and since it hurts to be here to long (don’t have a comply desk, not even a desk really) I havent bothered, however after trying acupuncture, which worked some for me, but haven to go 1x a week to keep up I cant afford to do this anymore, I am going to a pain care clinic soon. THANK GOD, have had 16 xrays done and waiting on more tests, it seems I could have nerve damage in my spinal column which is the pain that has left me crippled for days, anyhow long story short, we are still working on things to get to the root, besides the fibro there is something more wrong in my back:( a wheelchair has allowed me to go to the fair this week, thanks to my friends and mom pushing me all around…

I did just wanna stop in and let you know I am still alive, and give you a quick update, in case you were wondering. keep fighting and ill keep praying for you. GOD BLESS

I CANT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE:( I am loosing control and falling into depression, its SO HARD to motivate and do anything, I’m loosing the fight, I’m tired of hurting badly and much can God give us till will break. I Know he doesn’t give us what we cant handle, but I wish he wouldn’t give me so much all at once..HELP…UGH.

TOMORROW one more day and I have an appointment with the acupuncturist, if we can get this pain in control, then maybe I wont be so tired and depressed all the time. PLEASE GOD HELP ME BE FOR IT’S TOO LATE. AMEN