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MY 1rst round of shots,

I KNOW THIS POST IS THE SAME DAY AS MY FIRST VISIT POST, I WAS JUST TRYING TO CATCH UP A LITTLE, AND TODAY I HAD MY 2ND APPOINTMENT AT THE PAIN CARE CLINIC,……………………………………..WELL its official, my first round of shots, a lot more to it than i thought, each shot consisted of 2 needles and 3 different injections, she also got 4 vertebrae on each side, so the shots took a while, my knots were tight and she had a hard time puncturing through them, my head is totally numb, due to LIDOCAIN injections on 2 different spots, it numbed my whole head, minus the forehead, for 2 days, this will relieve some pain for me while the the inflammatory and steroids kick in, I’m feeling tight and achy, BUTat the same time feeling light headed,  but all went good, lets hope in 2 days it will make a difference, if it does we will continue to the shots until every vertebrae is injected.  DID I MEANTION I DONT HAVE A HEADACHE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS,( MOSTLY VERY MINOR) WHEN THE NOVACAIN WEARS OFF IN 2 DAYS ILL PROLLY HAVE ONE BUT AFTER THAT I SHOULD BE RID AT LEAST FOR A COUPLE WEEKS, MAYBE MONTHS:) YAY JUST SAYINGG..LOL