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 NOV,25TH                       I ALMOST MADE IT HOME…… DAD’s   Doctor called and wants him admitted to the hospital again:( not because of his slight stroke though, he’s having bleeding      through his rectal, and is having stomach issues(he has a large mass on his kidney) and as some of you know, Dad has walking issues too, due to nerve damage because his spine  has around a 45 degree angle, literally amazing he stands at all…
                his legs and feet have now become often cold and numb, his circulation obviously…well probably has none, and he quickly is losing the feeling in both of them, 2 weeks ago only one leg was this bad.:( SO BACK TO NOT GETTING HOME, AND NOT SURE HOW THE HELL ILL GET THERE EITHER, if all goes ok 2moro i will go wed, But i cant let mom take me to Portsmouth and leave Dad, regardless, and i cant ask for a pick up all the way here and back.
AT THE HOSPITAL……………………………

THEY HAVE DONE ALOT OF TESTS, AND ARE GIVING HIM A CAT SCAN AND AN MRI SOON, POOR DAD had a very uncomfortable test and it caused a lot of pain, dad never screams re pain:( we havent got any results yet, but i am certain we will know something today, again i will keep you informed. lets just pray nothing is life threatening:( mostly worried about the mass on his kidney:(.UGHHH THIS IS SO STRESSFUL, and the HOLIDAYS ARE HERE, THATS HARD ENOUGH ALREADY:(