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SORRY AGAIN….. that i havent been faithful with the updates re; my new treatment, which by the way.IT DEFINATELY HELPING ME, still have pain, but can function and its way less,UNTILL 2 THE PAST 3 DAYS(ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS THOUGH) I have slowly got more pain and pinched nerves a muscle spasms.. besides apologizing for not keeping my promise, DAD HAS BEEN SICK………..Thtas why i Havent been here, Dad suffered a minor stroke  right before thanksgiving, so of course i came to MASS, i live in Maine, AS SOON AS I HEARD…………HE has since came home from the hospital, he is slowly getting all his memory,functions back, as soon as he gained “HIS NORMAL” he suffered from bleeding of the rectum:(. I know i havent spoke of Dad, but he has a curvature of the spine that’s at a 45 degree angle, so it IS amazing he stands let alone walks, well long story short, hes been struggling with walking for a while now, and also suffers from C.O.P.D. I..just to catch you up quickly………….


I AM reaching out to all of you to pray for my DAD. It seems he has fallen a couple of times and we are very concerned. Saturday he fell at his friends and skinned his knee and tonight he fell at home in the kitchen. He told my Mom he felt Dizzy and think he may have blacked out for a minute.

 he said his legs just gave out on him. He does have difficulty walking and uses a cane…. but the dizziness and blacking out concerns me…. Please pray for his fall last night was damaging, he woke up this morning and couldn’t feel his face, 911 came and asked him questions, like whats your name and what day is it?, his answers were all the same, ASK HER. pointing to mom, ‘SHE KNOWS” hes been admitted to the hospital, the doctors are saying he has had a slight stroke, as of now that’s all we know, AGAIN PLEASE PRAY FOR MOM AND DAD, thank you.

WED NOV 21rst.

Dad is still very confused and not  remembering things and people to well, a lot he talks of is the far past, the good news is the stroke wont leave him with any signs, they said after a week  maybe less he will gain his memory and feeling of his face, confusion will get less. he will not suffer any permanent damage, of course he is a high risk for another stroke, and next time he wont be so lucky. but for now WE are all happy of the news.